History of Fluffy's

Fluffy has been no stranger to the bar industry.  He worked in a very sucessful bar that is an icon in Manhattan KS while attending KSU.  After college he held several jobs that allowed him to travel the world quite extensively.  Directly after college he moved to Hong Kong for 2 years to work on the New Hong Kong Airport.  After returning from Hong Kong he bought a house near his home town of Leavenworth KS.  He then started a business as a DJ on the side hosting parties at bars, weddings, and several other events.  He was known as one of the top retro DJ's in the town, but as he still held a full time job could only accept about 20% of the jobs he had been offered.

During his travels and work experience he began working for a Swedish comapny called DeLaval that manufactured dairy equipment and software.  During this time he fell in love with Sweden and gained a network of very dear friends all over Sweden.  He still considers it his second home.  There was a point in his life where he was travelling there about every other two weeks, but then changed it so the stays would remain for longer, sometimes 6 weeks there and then 6 weeks home or traveling to his test farms.

One particular year while living in Sweden, he and a girlfriend had watched a movie called Nick and Nora's infinate playlist.  The theme of the movies is about a guy and girl that are both fans of an underground band named Fluffy.  Fluffy would say they would be in town Saturday night, but would not say at what bar or what time they are playing.  They would even have decoy bands setup to throw people off.  Well he and the girl got into an argument that night, so he decided it was best to just go out and blow off some steam, so he posted on MySpace "I guess I'm going out tonight, come find Fluffy!"  Three of his Swedish friends took that to be a scavenger hunt and went bar hopping to try to locate him.  After they told him how much fun they had, he continued to host Find Fluffy nights.  As we progressed into the Facebook world with checking, etc. he would watch what would be an increasing number of friends take on the challenge of trying to find him.  He could see from the pictures and checkins that they were having a ball trying to find him, which made it fun for him even if he was out alone.  Fluffy is truly never alone when he goes out though.  Well in the many years of Find Fluffy nights, the closest they ever came was the bar next door.  He made them aware of that after seeing the checkin, but in their next checkin they had gone to the bar in the wrong direction next door, and he had already hopped in a cab to the next location.

Keep in mind, that Fluffy was living between both Sweden and Kansas during this time period, so his friends in KS would see the Find Fluffy posts, and he hosted a few at home too.  His friends here in Kansas began to start calling him Fluffy and hence a new nickname was born.  When he decided to open a bar, as the nickname was a very personal connection to his time in his beloved Sweden, he thought it best to call the bar Fluffy's Swedish Pub.  And now history continues with a new bar with a Swedish twist in Leavenworth!  Come down and Find Fluffy!